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The best performing websites use search engine optimisation (SEO) services to drive their success. In fact, a well thought through search engine optimisation strategy can be the difference between being found easily on Google and languishing on page 4.

As SEO specialists, we design and build every website with search engines in mind and work hard to get your website up Google’s rankings.

Take advantage of Clockwork’s SEO services, and enjoy more traffic, more sales and more success.
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Google Analytics

Track your website traffic using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track and analyse your website traffic. By installing a small piece of code on your website, Google Analytics can collect data on your visitors, including their location, the device they're on, and their behavior on your site. This information can help you understand how people are finding and interacting with your website and identify areas for improvement. 

With Google Analytics, you can see real-time data on your website traffic, set up goals to track specific actions on your site, and create custom reports to get a deeper understanding of your audience and gain valuable insights to help grow your business.

The web design process

Top 5 Google ranking factors in 2023

Relevance of overall page content
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Quality of linking sites and pages
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Use of query-relevant words and phrases
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Domain’s perceived expertise, authority and trust
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Mobile friendliness
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SEO tools

How we improve your search engine rankings

Website SEO audits

A full SEO audit of your current site reveals what’s working, what’s not and what keywords and phrases you could be using to drive more traffic to your site.

Content strategy

All your content including web copy, posts, video and news releases should be developed with niche keywords and phrases. We make sure there’s a search and content strategy road-map in place.

Search phrase research

What keywords and phrases are being used to search for your products or services? Our in-depth keyword research reveals the words and phrases to target.

Social media SEO

Social media is a heavy-weight when it comes to driving traffic. We make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are fully optimised.

SEO copywriting service

For your website to rank well in the search engines the right keywords and keyphrases must be in the right place on the page. We ensure all your content is optimised.

PPC SEO services

In addition to organic SEO, we recommend Pay Per Click (PPC) SEO for immediate impact and scalable results across multi-channels, Including Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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