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The diverse industry, commerce and retail ventures based in Banbury all have something in common. They all need an effective brand identity that underpins a website which performs brilliantly. In fact, they need web design in Banbury that runs like ‘Clockwork’.

How do you grow your Banbury business?

Banbury is a historic market town, but organisations in and around Banbury all have very modern challenges. Whether you make cars, coffee or cakes – or you have bricks or clicks retail businesses – you need to get your customers’ attention.

That’s where Clockwork Design’s expertise and experience become invaluable. We can help Banbury businesses to create professional, bespoke websites as well as the sort of printed materials that matter.

Bespoke WordPress web design services

Web design Banbury businesses can rely on hinges on important research and consideration. Clockwork never uses ‘off the shelf’ templates or easy solutions. Instead, we partner with our clients to create bespoke WordPress websites that work.

Not least as ours are truly one-of-a-kind websites that provide you with a competitive edge. They will include web pages that not only attract your target audiences but which also underpin User Experience (UX) and strong lead conversion.

SEO and responsive websites

Working with the team at Clockwork also means that you have web designers in Banbury who are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We build onsite SEO features into our websites from day one, rather than being a costly ‘bolt-on’ service. This ensures that our Banbury business clients – especially eCommerce ventures – are searchable from the outset, achieving high rankings on search engine results pages.

Mobile friendly websites

What is responsive website design? This is another important advantage of using Clockwork’s expertise. All websites created for Banbury businesses will be optimised to be clear and effective on all devices and browsers. 50% of eCommerce sales are likely to come via mobile phones, so that’s a massive benefit for Banbury’s online retailers!

What else makes a website work?

For eCommerce clients, we also select and integrate effective payment platforms, such as PayPal and Stripe. It is just one of the ways we make our websites not only user-friendly but also easy for clients to manage.

That’s crucial for Banbury ventures of all sizes and types. Our websites are straightforward to update and change by your own team. They are also easily scalable, growing in tandem with your developing Banbury enterprise.

Web design Banbury

Supporting marketing material for your website

One of the most important ways to make your website ‘stand out’ – and achieve strong UX and therefore lead conversion – is Content. If you are looking for web designers in Banbury who can provide a full service – including high-quality photography, infographics and other visual content – we would be pleased to help!

Our graphics and photography services in Banbury can also help you to produce physical marketing assets such as exhibition stands and leaflets.

The questions you should ask your web design team

Before you get together with your new web designers in Banbury (whether that’s us or someone else), it’s worth putting together a few questions in advance.

How do you communicate during the web design process?

Some web designers communicate only by email or project management programmes like Trello or Basecamp. Some design agencies never answer their phones. (Not us at Clockwork, we’re always happy to answer questions on the phone.) Some agencies send a weekly update to keep you in the loop and some don’t. Chances are your web design project will take at least a number of weeks or even months to complete. So it’s important to know, in advance, what the process is for communicating feedback or amendments.

Is SEO part of the web design?

SEO (search engine optimisation) plays a key role in the success of any website. Ask your potential website designer whether they provide any SEO services including on page optimisation and off page optimisation. SEO is something that should be talked about from the beginning of your web design project, not lumped on at the end as an afterthought. Check that your web designers are up to speed with the latest SEO techniques and thinking. And if they’re not, find someone who is.

How long will it take to design my website?

We’re in slightly ‘how long is a piece of string territory’ here as it will depend on a number of factors including how much work an agency has got on at the time and how quickly you can get across the information that’s needed. If a web design agency tells you that it will be at least six months, look for another company with more resources. That’s just way too long to wait.

How much will a new site cost?

The million-dollar question. And no, your new website design shouldn’t cost a million dollars. How much it will cost depends on:

  • The size of the website being designed. Is it a one-page site with just a few sections? Or a website with hundreds of pages and thousands of products?
  • The site’s functionality. Will it be a simple portfolio or information-only site? Or do you need an experienced ecommerce web designer for a more complex ecommerce web design?

If you have a budget, be honest and share it with your web designer. They can tell you what they can do for that budget. And if they can’t help, chances are they’ll know another Banbury web designer who can.

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