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As technology continues to evolve, websites need to stay up to date with the latest trends and SEO best practice techniques to stay relevant. With your website often acting as the first port of call for a new customer, it is crucial that your customer has a positive first interaction. If your website is not performing at its best, you may lose potential customers along the way. Below we have listed the four main signs that your website may need an update:

Outdated website design

1. Outdated design

As mentioned, your website is often the first stop on a prospective customer’s journey. Therefore, it is crucial that your website reflects exactly who your business is at this present time. By having an outdated design, it can be easy to misrepresent your business and the services it offers, which can quickly end a prospective customer’s journey.

By deploying a modern design that carefully considers the user's experience, we can design you a site that is easy to navigate and best represents the services you offer. Also, by ensuring that your business’ logo, fonts, colour scheme, and branding are present throughout the design, customers can get an instant feel of who your business is and the services they offer, maximising your conversion rate.

Slow loading website

2. Slow loading speed

In today’s world, people don’t have the patience to wait for a webpage to load. A delay of a couple of seconds is enough for customers to navigate elsewhere and seek similar services from a competitor.

If you’ve noticed that your website can take a long time to load, then it’s time to start optimising it. The team here at Clockwork are experts at optimising each website to ensure it is operating at its maximum potential. Plus Google loves quick loading websites so with an optimised website, your business will quickly be climbing the search engine rankings, allowing you to reach more customers efficiently.

Poor performance on mobile devices

3. Poor performance on mobile devices

With over 70% of internet traffic generated from mobile phones, if your website hasn’t been optimised for mobile, you are missing out on a significant number of potential customers. A site that isn’t mobile-friendly results in slow loading speeds, challenging navigation, and unresponsive performance.  To make sure you are capturing prospective customers using their mobile phones, you want to ensure that your website has been designed to champion the mobile users’ journey. By deploying a responsive design, we ensure that your website adjusts to fit the screen size of the device used to access your website.

Low converting website

4. Low conversion rates

As you already know, the primary function of any website is to convert prospective customers into actual customers. If you find that your website is not providing you with the results you would like to see, it is most likely that your website is not currently up to date.

Improving your website’s conversion rate can be done in several ways, such as simplifying your checkout process or adding clear call-to-actions throughout to make the user’s journey more straightforward. The team here at Clockwork work with you to identify each area which could be contributing to a low conversion rate and remedy them to increase performance.

To conclude, in order to stay competitive in this digital age, your website needs to be up-to-date and performing well. An outdated website can be harmful to your business and lead to a decrease in sales. Whereas an updated website offers several benefits, such as an improved user experience, higher website traffic, and ultimately an increase in revenue. If you noticed that any of the four signs listed above currently apply to your business’ website, contact our team to discuss how we can optimise your website.

Why custom web design is better than template web design

With well over a billion websites currently live, it can be a daunting task to create a website that stands out from the crowd. Each website plays a crucial role in conveying who a business is, as well as providing a platform for marketing and sales. So, when setting up a new website, it’s crucial that a business knows the benefits of opting for custom web design, over a template alternative.

So, what is the difference between custom web design and template web design? Simply put, custom web design gives your business the best opportunity to stand out amongst competitors by creating a unique online presence. Custom-builds provide complete autonomy over the design, layout, functionality, and user experience of a website. This differs from template designs as these are available to every other business online, making it more difficult to highlight your business as an individual. Although custom web design tends to be initially more expensive, there are significantly more long-term benefits for your business.

Here at Clockwork, we custom-design each project to create you a website that is tailored to the unique objectives of your business. We work with you to understand your business’ requirements to deliver a website that aligns with your business’ branding, goals and audience. This is crucial as we are able to deploy the colours, fonts, and visuals that resonate best with your audience type. With set perimeters within most standard web templates, it isn’t always possible to utilise these key branding features with template web design.

Another benefit of opting for custom web design over a template design is enhanced search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is crucial for the success of any online business and having a completely custom website is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. We ensure your new website has SEO friendly coding, optimised web structure and content, and utilise SEO best practices throughout. When you opt for a template, businesses often rely on third-party SEO plugins which may not always be as effective.

Lastly, custom web design will provide your business with not only flexibility, but scalability. As your business continues to evolve and grow, so can your website. Custom web design allows you to update your website as and when you need to, ensuring you can always keep your audience up to date. This is unlike templates as these can often require constant updates to stay in-line with the latest trends and security features.

Overall, custom web design has substantially more benefits for you and your business. Although templates may seem temporarily beneficial due to their ease of use and affordability, they unfortunately come with many limitations. To find out more about how we can design you a unique and impactful website for your business, send our friendly team a message today.

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