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Things you can do to improve your website.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and when it comes to your website, that one chance equates to about 5 seconds.  What does your website say about you? Is it user-friendly? Functionality-wise, does it do what it should? In this post, we look at things you can do to improve your website.

Your website: your shop window

Your website is the place where many of your prospects will form their first impression of you.  It is essentially your shop window.  So making sure it looks and works to the best of its ability is key.  But which elements should you (or your web developer) be thinking about?

Mobile responsive

In today’s world where everything (and everyone) is mobile, make sure your website is mobile responsive is vital.  If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you risk being penalised by Google and losing customers because they can’t work your website from their phone or tablet.

Easy to navigate

User experience should be at the heart of your web design process. The harder your website is to navigate, the less likely users are to engage with it.  A key element of any web design should be building a site that is easy to navigate.

Think about page speed

Did you know over 53% of people will abandon a mobile website session if the page takes too long to load? With this in mind, when designing your website, page speed needs to be considered.  Optimise images, reduce plugins, consider the hosting platform and use as few redirects as possible to ensure your page speed is up to scratch.

Let’s talk about content

So you’ve got your website… now you just need lots of content to fill it with, right? Not necessarily.  In fact, when it comes to content, often less is more. Did you know users are likely to only read 20% of the copy on your page?  Say what you need to say but don’t waffle; get your key messages across but don’t create content just for content’s sake.

A strong call to action

In order to be effective, your call to action needs to be strong, bold, and visible.  A call to action can be in the form of a banner, buttons, a popup, or anything that can grab your customers’ attention. What do you want your customers to do? Use your call to action as a way to tell them.  

We hope you’ve found this post on things you can do to improve your website useful.  At Clockwork, we specialise in designing and building websites that look great, work brilliantly, and are streets ahead of your competitors. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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