Brackley Foodbank branding

Brackley Foodbank logo design

Brackley Foodbank has been delivering free food packages to those most vulnerable in our community since 2010.

So, when they decided they were in need of a new logo to celebrate another decade of difference, they created a brilliant challenge for the local school children to design them one.

After selecting their talented winner, the Brackley Foodbank approached Clockwork Design to digitally illustrate it.

Clockwork animated the drawing of the soup can with the heart at the centre, which instantly popped from the screen – creating a logo that will remain memorable in the minds and hearts of the Brackley community.

Brackley Foodbank logo
Brackley Foodbank logo

Also requiring new volunteer cards and vinyl banners which would both work together to encourage donations from new and existing volunteers, the Brackley Foodbank asked Clockwork to take on the rewarding task of designing and printing them.

Ensuring that the new logo design was present across all assets, Clockwork created and printed the colour-popping designs that you can now see on The Brackley Foodbanks’ new volunteer cards and vinyl banners.

These can now be used to further promote the incredible work that the Brackley Foodbank does in and around the Brackley area.

Brackley Foodbank Volunteer cards
Brackley Foodbank vinyl banner

If your business is in need of any new design assets, including new logos, banners, or business cards, then be sure to send our friendly team a message today to get started.

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