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A fresh and fruity new look for Clockwork.

Clockwork Design brand guidelines

Here at Clockwork, we know how important branding is in conveying the values of a business to new and existing customers.

After over 10 years of having our current branding, we thought it was the perfect time to showcase our skillset and give our own business the unique Clockwork touch.

Clockwork logo design

Fresh lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit colours are at the forefront of our rebrand, these colours encompass everything that Clockwork is: fresh, bold, fun, and packing a zesty punch.

The entire team were excited to deploy this new branding across all of our assets, with each colour successfully showcasing each of the different areas that Clockwork offers specialist services in.

Clockwork Design branding

Lime green remains as the core Clockwork colour with lemon yellow highlighting our branding skills, orange showcasing our design solutions and grapefruit pink for our digital and online services.

These punchy colours will also play a key role in our new social media rollout, so be sure to stay up to date with our latest news and updates by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

What do you think? If your business felt inspired by our fresh new look and you are considering a rebrand or a brand new website, then send our friendly team a message today to find out more.

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