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5 ways in which your business could benefit from WooCommerce.

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If you’re a business that sells physical or digital products then you are probably wondering what WooCommerce is and how your business can benefit from it.

Technically speaking, WooCommerce is a plugin that turns your WordPress website into a fully functioning e-commerce store. With WooCommerce powering 25% of the top one million e-commerce websites worldwide, it’s clear that WooCommerce has the ability to transform a small business into a powerful empire.

To highlight some of the many benefits WooCommerce could have for your business, we have listed 5 of our favourite features below.

1. WooCommerce is open source

WooCommerce is completely open source, which gives you the ability to modify, audit, and extend any area of your website. Because you have this complete autonomy, you are able to add unlimited products and services as your business continues to grow.

2. WooCommerce is mobile-friendly

WooCommerce is optimised for all devices which allows your prospective customers to shop seamlessly regardless of the device they browse on. By championing the modern-day user experience, customers are more likely to shop with your business over a competitor that hasn't modernised.

3. WooCommerce is unique to you

WooCommerce allows your e-commerce store to be as unique as your business. You are able to visually enhance your e-commerce store whilst simultaneously tailoring the design to meet your businesses brand guidelines.

4. WooCommerce is secure

WooCommerce is a safe and secure way to build your e-commerce platform. Owned by the billion-dollar company Automattic, you can be assured that your store will always be protected. Also, with millions of other businesses trading on the same plugin, your customers can rest easy knowing that their transactions are being processed securely.

5. WooCommerce is flexible

WooCommerce accommodates your businesses unique needs as it continues to grow and evolve. Whether you sell physical or digital products, charge for appointments, reservations, or sell any other services then WooCommerce has you covered. Plus, with additional plugins available you can upgrade your store as and when you need to.

Could your business benefit from any of the above WooCommerce features? If so, then pop our friendly team a message to get started on your e-commerce empire of tomorrow today.

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